“I enjoyed my night with the highly-talented members of Poosie Nansies and it will be one I will long remember.”

“Many thanks to the members off your club for a truly exceptional evening. The warmth and respect offered to the Speakers and the artistes, the terrific performances and all-round excellence off the evening made this a truly memorable event. It would be a pleasure and honour to be able to attend Poosie Nansies again.”

“A truly unique occasion.”

“The Immortal Memory and the Toast to the Lassies were exceptional. Has to be up there as one of the best in the 19 years I have been attending.”

“Great night Friday. Thanks to everyone for their hard work.”

To what do the above quotes refer? Poosie Nansie Burns Club’s 91st annual supper on January 27, 2012, which saw the two main speakers, Iain McSporran (Immortal Memory) and Tom Miller (Toast to the Lassies) both receive standing ovations from the 160 guests in the room.

Burns Suppers are, of course, the main event on the calendar for the hundreds of Burns Clubs round the world - and the one run for the past 91 years by Newcraighall Poosie Nansie Burns Club in Edinburgh is no exception.

With music, poems and much ‘sangs and clatter’ as Robert Burns put it, the evening, which was compared by club president Bill Clapperton, was a sell-out and came in for much praise from those attending.

This says everything about Poosie Nansie Burns Club. There are only 21 members, but ‘mony a mickle maks a muckle’ as the old Scots saying goes, and the effort put in by those few was reflected in the quality and warmth of the occasion.

Well done to all concerned.